Cowee Consulting, LLC is an applied economic development firm specializing in food and agriculture. The firm opened in Reno, Nev. in May 2014. Cowee Consulting, LLC provides four services to regional food and agriculture systems:

  1. Networking,
  2. Education,
  3. Technical writing, and
  4. Economic analysis.

Cowee Consulting assists with networking. One of Maggie’s projects is Greets & Eats, a series of monthly networking events for current and potential food system professionals. The purpose of Greets & Eats is to create synergy and develop food system opportunity through increased connections, to highlight individual food system professionals and the many components of northern Nevada’s food system, and to collect and distribute information about the infrastructure and needs of the regional food system.

One of Cowee Consulting’s connections to food and agricultural education is through participation in the Nevada Small Farm Conference Planning Committee. This position provides Cowee Consulting an opportunity to participate in expanding Nevada’s food and agriculture industries through increased knowledge and application of risk management and niche marketing techniques. It is also an opportunity for Cowee Consulting to stay abreast of regional trends and to stay connected to the food system.

Cowee Consulting also offers economic analysis services, with an emphasis on data collection, analysis, and reporting. Cowee Consulting specializes in strategic planning, feasibility analyses of new, differentiated, or modified food and agriculture enterprises, and niche market analyses. Currently, Cowee Consulting is developing a strategic plan for the Nevada Small Farm Conference.

With more than a decade of experience, Cowee Consulting has developed dozens of publications — from conference presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles. Contact her today for help with any technical writing projects you may have.